3 Steps For Perfect Skin

3 Steps For Perfect Skin

Alright my friends, today I am going to share the secret to what you all want – how to get perfect, flawless skin.

Are you ready? Seriously. I’m about hand you the keys to the fountain of youth. My three step process for perfect skin.

Step 1) Spend a lot of money on expensive, invasive, not-necessarily-guaranteed-to-work facial treatments that use lasers, acids, and needles.

Step 2) Hire a live in make up artists who can always make sure your makeup is perfect, even if you’re just stepping out to get the mail.

Step 3) Hire a round the clock graphic artist to photoshop all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram photos of you, to ensure all evidence suggests that you do in fact have perfect skin.

And that is my no fail way to have perfectly flawless skin.

[Dramatic pause]

If it feels like I’m laying the sarcasm on a bit thick, that’s because I am – I just want you to know that striving for perfect skin is a waste of your time. I know. I’ve been there.

For me, I just knew that once I got rid of my acne I would have amazing skin and I’d finally be happy. But once I healed the acne, I noticed I had melasma, dark patches of skin.

So that was another thing I had to tackle and conquer. I learned it was a never ending obsession until I eventually decided I had to stop letting my self esteem be dictated by my reflection in the mirror.

Here’s the truth, most days I’m happy with my skin, and while it’s healthy skin, it is far from perfect.

I still get those dark spots, especially in the summer even though I always wear sunscreen. When the weather changes, my skin gets dry and my fine lines show more. The days leading up to my period my skin often looks dull and tired and I get a few breakouts.

I am a skin care professional. I know all about products and treatments and how to be healthy and treat my skin right – and it’s still not perfect.

And it’s not my fault. And if you don’t have flawless skin, it’s not your fault either. Strive to be as healthy as you can be, help your skin out when you can, but then get on with your life. Ok?

That’s not going to give you perfect skin, but it will make you happier. Promise.

And that’s what I have to say about perfect skin. If this resonated with you and you know of someone else who could use a perfect skin pep talk, please pass this along.

If you find yourself really struggling with this, it may be time for some Skin Therapy. Let’s talk.

Much love,

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