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Acne Culprit Quiz – Auto

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There could be a number of things contributing to your acne, several you may not have even considered. This quiz is designed to assess your overall health, wellness, and skin health to determine what main culprit is causing your breakouts.

Make sure you read all answers before selecting which best suits you. Answer as honestly as you can.

Are you ready?

How often do you eat sweets (cookies, cakes, candy, soda, ice cream etc)?

How often do you eat dairy and/or wheat on average?

A serving size of produce is:
- 1 medium sized piece (like an apple or banana)
- 1 cup of something leafy like spinach
- 1/2 cup of everything else

How much produce (fruits and vegetables) do you eat on average?

What best describes your eating/cooking habits?

Do you have frequent digestive problems (more than once or twice a month), such as heartburn, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating?

What best describes your bowel movements.

Do you have known food sensitivities or allergies, or do you notice certain foods upset your stomach/digestion?

Do you take any sort of supplements or eat certain foods to help with your digestion? (Enzymes, probiotics, etc.)

Does your self esteem fluctuate consistently with the condition of your skin? (ie if your skin is clear, you feel good, if you're skin is breaking out, you feel very insecure)

Do you cancel major plans/events/meetings if your skin looks bad?

Does looking at your acne often trigger a spiral of negative thoughts about yourself that you have a difficult time moving out of?

How satisfied are you with your life in general?

How often do you take time out for yourself to relax? (ie meditate, read, sit quietly, work on a hobby, take a bath, etc)

Are you generally anxious, or someone who worries a lot?

Do you often feel pressure, anxiety or stress in one or more areas of your life? (Work, relationship, family, friends)

What best describes your sleep?

Do you sit for most of the day on most days?

How often do you exercise?

What type of exercise do you do?

What best describes your attitude toward exercise?

How many products do you use on your face per day? (Not including makeup)

What best describes the skin care products you use?

What best describes how you take care of your skin?

Do you feel dependent on the products you use? (ie if you stop using them or switch, you're afraid or know your skin will break out)


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