How to heal your acne – the first step

How to heal your acne – the first step

Pretty much everyone who has acne is looking for a way to make it go away. But they often overlook the first and most important thing.

If you’ve been struggling with acne for years like I did, and nothing seems to help, then you may be approaching the problem from the wrong angle… like I was. If you’re feeling confused, frustrated, or even hopeless about your acne, this video is for you.

Click play to take a look.

Don’t want to watch? Here are the highlights:

Healing your skin isn’t really about your skin, at least, not to start.

Skin health functions in unison with overall health, and that is where you have to start. Forget about creams and pills for awhile. If the basics of physical health and wellness are ignored, any other approach you try is probably going to disappoint you.

By addressing your physical health first, not only is this going to help improve your skin, but it will improve your whole life, and no pimple cream is going to do that! Do not underestimate how important this is.

So take a minute and ask yourself these four questions. And be honest:

  1. Do I eat well? General healthy eating consists of lots of fresh produce, whole foods, good fats and proteins, minimal sugar and processed foods. Is that what you’re diet looks like?
  2. Am I physically active? This means both exercise and general movement. You need to get sweaty, but if you have a job that has you sitting for hours on end, you need to find ways to get more movement into your life. If you sit a lot and don’t get much exercise – this is where you start.
  3. Do I sleep well? If you stay up late, or sacrifice sleep for your job or school, consider treating sleep like it’s a job. Schedule it, and commit to it.
  4. How much stress do I have in my life?  We’re pretty much all stressed to some degree in modern society, but you can limit the affects stress has on you. If you have no stress management methods, consider incorporating one into your life.

Improving your physical health reduces inflammation, balance hormones, and increases circulation. All of that is going to greatly benefit your skin and help heal your acne.

Your Skin Therapy Homework:

Honestly ask yourself these questions. Decide where your weak link is, then decide what is just one small change you can make in that area of your life for improvement. You don’t have to start big, just start.

I would love to hear from you in the comments. Let me know what changes you plan on making!

If you would like help doing this, just let me know. I can help you form a game plan for healthy changes and be an ally in your health and skin care journey.

Until next time.

Much love,

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