What You Need To Know About Blackheads Around Your Nose

What You Need To Know About Blackheads Around Your Nose

Someone on Twitter recently asked me what to do about all those blackheads around her nose. That’s a great question and one I’m often asked. I thought it would be a perfect topic to Periscope about. (Don’t know what Periscope is? It’s my favorite new social media platform. Check it out! Then follow me @BrianneGrebil)

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Here it is, plain and simple.

All those dots around your nose aren’t blackheads. (Say what?!)

I know, I thought they were for many years as well – until I went to esthetician school and a teacher, well, schooled me.

Those things on and around your nose are actually called sebaceous filament. They are similar to blackheads, built up sebum and dead skin cells in a pore, but with a few differences.

First, blackheads are exactly that – black. Or at least very dark. There is usually only one, or maybe just a couple of them in an area. They can happen in any pore, and are usually a one time thing (meaning, you extract the the “gunk” from that pore and it’s gone).

Sebaceous filaments tend to be lighter in color, usually light grey, cream, or slightly darker than your skin tone. (Though if you have very oily skin, when the oil oxidizes they can also turn dark like a blackhead.) They are evenly spread out over an area like the nose, but sometimes the chin and cheeks. Most importantly, they are pores operating exactly as they should.

What does that mean? It means everyone, ev-ery-one, has that stuff around their nose. As many facials as I have done, I never came across anyone who didn’t have at least some “gunk” in the pores of their nose. It means they are suppose to be there, and (probably much to your dismay), it means you cannot get rid of them.

The cosmetic industry has been lying to you by calling them blackheads and telling you they can make them go away. There is no product, no strips, no procedure that will make them permanently disappear. (Except maybe for some serious drugs or cosmetic procedures.) They will always come back until your skin stops producing oil in that area.

I tell you this so maybe you can give up the struggle a bit. You feel like you can never make them go away, because you can’t. Any one who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. I want you to know your nose is not “gross” – it’s just like everybody else’s. It’s not that you haven’t found the right product, or that you’re somehow doing something wrong. You have skin, so you have some spotty pores. Just like the rest of us.

But before you get bummed out, you can do things to make them look less noticeable.

1. Use products with salicylic acid. This will help dissolve the most superficial “gunk” so they are not as dark or noticeable.

2. You can get regular facials and your esthetician will extract the pores. But remember, it’s going to come back.

3. You can eat more antioxidants (colorful fruits and veggies). This can help slow the oxidation process in your oil, so the oil won’t turn as dark. (And help your skin look overall healthier).

So there you have it. Those spots around your nose aren’t blackheads and they aren’t going anywhere. You can stop worrying about getting rid of them or wasting money on products that won’t work.

If you have any other skin care questions – ask in the comments below, or Tweet me and I’ll do a Periscope just for you!

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