The Ultimate Acne Healing Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Acne Healing Cheat Sheet

What I have for you today is packed with helpful goodness!

I love finding new and easier ways to help you along the path to clearer skin and a happier life. I know it can get confusing trying to heal your acne. There is so much information out there it can feel almost impossible to know where to start.

To help you find the next steps in your skin care journey, the tool I’m proudest of and happiest with is the Acne Culprit Quiz. Other than having a one on one session with me, I think this is the most helpful resource you can have to help you find answers to your skin troubles.

Now my second favorite helpful creation is this simple little flow chart.

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I see too many people trying to do too many things at once for their skin, or worse, the wrong thing for them. But the path can be broken down into a step by step process. And I’ve done it for you.

Start at the top and work your way through until you reach the bottom. This is your skin care road map. For an explanation of each step see below.

Are you using gentle skin care?

Are you being gentle with your skin? Cleansing only once per day, avoiding aggressive products or treatments, not over exfoliating? If not, you may be exacerbating your acne problem. You’ll want to make changes to your skin care routine to make sure your skin is healthy on the outside.

Do you eat a healthy diet?

Do you eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and healthy proteins at every meal, with minimal sugar? If not, your diet may be increasing inflammation and contributing to your acne. Changing to a more whole foods diet will be your next step.

Do you have a lot of stress in your life?

Do you feel generally anxious or worried often? Are you under a lot of pressure without a healthy outlet? If so, this is increasing your cortisol levels leading to testosterone fluctuations and more breakouts. You are going to want to find some stress relief in your life to feel more calm and have healthier skin.

Do you have digestive problems?

The gut is the largest producer of hormones and many forms of digestion problems can lead to troubles with skin. If you frequently have an upset stomach, gas, grumbles, bloating, heartburn, etc., you should work to heal these issues.

Are you physically active?

Skin needs a steady stream of oxygen and nutrients to be healthy. If you aren’t moving and exercising, circulation gets sluggish and skin has a hard time fighting inflammation and infection. If you sit throughout the day and/or do not exercise frequently, it’s time to get moving.

Do you often feel insecure?

Those negative feelings you have about yourself are causing a type of stress in your body, which could be contributing your acne. Don’t underestimate the power of working through these feelings and finding a more positive outlook. It will help your skin, but also help you feel better, which is the whole point, right?!

That’s it! This is how you heal your skin, and yourself, step by step. You may not need each step, and how fast you work through each step will depend on a lot of factors, but this is your map. I hope you take this and begin planning out your skin care journey.

Until next time.

Much love,

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    What a great info graphic! Taking one step at a time is so hard to do but in the long run its what will actually work! I’m working on getting that excess sugar out of my diet now!

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      Brianne Grebil

      Glad you like it Beth! It really is hard doing one thing at a time. I remember wanting to try ALL the things I thought would help at once. But it is overall much easier and better to approach it more systematically.

      Best of luck with the sugar. I know that will help!

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