I don’t want to exercise

I don’t want to exercise

Yeah, I consider myself a pretty healthy person, and I know just how helpful regular exercise is for damn near every aspect of your health, and definitely your skin, but for awhile recently, I just didn’t want to do it. At all.

Before the holidays I started slacking and working out less frequently. During the holidays I stopped almost entirely, and by the time the new year rolled around, I was down right sloth like. Everyone talks about how important it is to make exercise a habit, and it’s way easier once it is, but nobody ever tells you that you can easily fall out of the habit too.

That’s definitely what happened to me. I could give a million excuses, but the main one was that I was bored with exercise. So bored.

I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in years, instead drawing on the knowledge I gained becoming a personal trainer. I created my own workouts for years. But all of a sudden I hated doing all the things I’d been doing – so I wouldn’t do anything at all.

After a few months of doing minimal workouts, I began feeling the difference in my body. My skin didn’t seem to suffer (thanks, I think, in part to my new skin care routine), but other things did. My energy was way down, my joints started to hurt, my sleep became disrupted, and I felt “off” most of the day.

Even though I knew it was likely because I had gotten out of my exercise habit, I just couldn’t force myself to go back to the routine I now found so boring. Finally, after hurting myself playing Frisbee of all things, I knew it was time to get back into the swing.

But what to do? The thought of going back to my old workouts made my brain react like a whiny five year old who got told to clean up her room.

“Don’t wanna!” [Defiant arm cross with a pout]

So, it was time for something new. Enter Daily Burn.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn offers online workout programs that you can access anywhere you get an internet connection. They also have apps for mobile devices. I’ve personally got it on my Roku so I can use my television. There are a variety of trainers, workout types and intensities, and it can all be done in the comfort of your own home. Plenty of workouts require no additional equipment, though some use minimal equipment like free weights, bands, or steps.

It hasn’t disappointed. It’s perfect because it nips my biggest complaint in the bud. With all the work out options, it’s going to take me a really long time to get bored. I can either select a specific type of program (like yoga, strength training, or cardio for example) and follow the daily videos, or, I can select something based on my mood that day. If I’m feeling a bit tight and stiff, I can select a work out that improves mobility, or if I’m feeling frisky, I can choose a dance work out. (My latin dance moves are killer. Or, at least it feels that way in my living room.)

Me with Daily Burn

Daily Burn is also ridiculously affordable. After a free month trial, it’s less than $14 per month. You’ll be hard pressed to find something this thorough, varied, and helpful for less.

Let me also be clear that I am in no way affiliated with Daily Burn. I just fell in love with it, and think it could really help you as well if you’re either struggling to get into the habit of exercise or looking for new options.

If you’ve been dealing with stubborn acne for a while, and you currently don’t have a consistent exercise routine, you’re missing out on a truly healthy way to reduce breakouts. Exercise won’t necessarily be a miracle cure, but it can only help you and your skin. Daily Burn is set up to help you every step of the way. I highly recommend giving it a try. That 30 day free trial makes it a no brainer.

And now, it’s time for my workout today. I’m feeling groovy, so I think I’ll try out my hip hop moves with one of the dance workouts. I may not take my moves to the club, but I’m gonna feel like a pro in the living room!

Much love,

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“Grumpy Girl” image courtesy of Clare Bloomfield / freedigitalphotos.net

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