What I learned from my most recent breakout

What I learned from my most recent breakout

[If you’d like to watch my Periscope broadcast where I talk about my breakout and show you what’s up with my skin, go to the bottom of the page. Or keep reading for the short version.]

Hello. My name is Brianne. And I have acne prone skin. I will always have acne prone skin. Which means sometimes I’ll get breakouts – no matter how “good” I am.

Perfect skin doesn’t exist. It just doesn’t. You and I, we’ve been dealt the acne card. We certainly can do plenty to keep breakouts at bay. I’ve mastered managing my acne and consider my skin to be mostly “under control”, with only the occasional pimple. But, life happens and so do breakouts, and that’s ok.

Once or twice a year my skin has a tantrum (I talked about it here and here). Often it comes out of nowhere and I have to use my acne detective skills to figure out what may have caused the problem.

But this time, I was ready for it. It’s a minor breakout, and actually not as bad as I was expecting. See, for the past month or so, I’ve been doing all the things I say not to do… Oops! I’m human!

I’ve been under some stress as I prepare to launch the next round of the Acne Breakthrough Program. I’ve been sacrificing sleep for work and not keeping up with my daily meditation practice. Exercise started to drop off. Then my boyfriend and I road tripped from Idaho back to LA and I barely even made an effort to eat healthy. If it was in front of me, I ate it.

So no surprise when the day after we move into our new apartment, I see several little “friends” show up to tell me what I already know – I’m not taking good enough care of myself or my skin.

What’s funny to me is that for the past month I’ve been telling myself, “I bet I’ll have a breakout soon.” And yet… I waited until the breakout arrived before I actually corrected what needed to be corrected! That’s like knowing you’re running low on oil, but waiting to see smoke coming from the engine before you fix it!

But, I don’t believe in feeling guilty about what’s in the past. Only learning and moving forward. So, I’m happy to report that I’ve been eating my greens, getting out for some jogs and making some “me time”. I expect it will clear up nicely soon.

So remember loves, it’s ok to be human, it’s ok to have skin that isn’t perfect, it’s ok to not always be your best. Course correct when you can and move on.

Much love,

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Watch my Periscope broadcast where I show the pimples and discuss more in depth.


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    I love this! Thank you for posting the replay! I am not on periscope. So neat you were in Idaho near me!!!
    I have been using facial oils for over a year and it’s been the best thing I have done topically for my skin. Cystic acne is still there but with diet changes and finally figuring out that I am still allergic to wheat….and cutting it out for good, has been so helpful. I really don’t think that cystic acne has anything to do with skin care, unless it’s from using an oil to cleanse that didn’t agree with your skin because I did get lumps from cleansing with apricot, but it was a very different kind of cystic acne. Anyway, my skin is very normal now. It’s not dry, even in weather changes, and it’s not oily. I ALWAYS apply my oils on damp skin first thing out of the shower or freshly cleansed. Otherwise it does sit on your skin dry. I have used apple cider vinegar and it makes a nice acid tone, but I actually use it only 10-20% diluted with distilled water or witch hazel. Not my favorite though. My favorite is to use it with Bentonite clay for a mask. It helps the inflammation like nothing else. Since moving away from acne targeted products and using gentle skincare, even during a breakout, my skin isn’t as inflamed and they don’t hang around as long.

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