The Bye Bye Mirror Challenge

The Bye Bye Mirror Challenge

(UPDATE: While this group challenge is now over, I highly encourage you to do this on your own. Even just for a few days.)

I love getting excited about an idea…

Last Sunday we wrapped up the first round of my two week acne healing jumpstart program, The Acne Breakthrough (click here if you want to be notified of the next round!). Some of the women in the group admitted that the hardest part of dealing with acne is how they feel about their skin. They don’t like what they see in the mirror.

Having dealt with acne for 15 years, I so relate. I often suggest to my clients covering up mirrors in their home so they are less likely to judge themselves. But saying it is easier said than done.

Based on this discussion, someone from the group sent me this video and it has inspired me to start my own challenge. I’m going one week without looking at my own reflection. I’ve done something similar in the past and it’s very powerful.

Let’s do it together!

Whether it’s your skin that bothers you, your body, some other aspect – or heck, even if you feel pretty good about yourself, I think this can be a huge/awesome/valuable learning experience. Let’s get on board and agree to go one whole week without looking at our reflections! Cover up those mirrors, avoid reflective surfaces, stay away from selfie mode on your camera. We can do this!

For support, I put up a Facebook group. Click here to ask to join. It will be private, so no one else on Facebook will see what we post. Let’s talk about it. The challenges, the fears, what we learn, the good, the bad. Even if you don’t feel like you can go one whole week, try even a day. Or just come join us in the group so you can get inspired to do it in the future.

Don’t want to join the Facebook group? Let’s keep it going on whatever social media is your thing. Use #ByeByeMirror to connect and tell your story!

I’m excited to see how this little experiment goes, for myself, and anyone else giving it a try!

Much love,

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