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Been watching me on Periscope? Then you know I often make recommendations for products, or books, or resources, or all kinds of things. This is where you can get the links! (Updated within 10 minutes of live broadcast ending.)

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In full disclosure, I may receive monetary compensation if you purchase a product from these links. This in no way reflects why I recommend any of these products. I recommend these products based on my own intensive research and personal use. Any link with * following it is a product I may receive monetary compensation for.

Monday, Sept 21st

Topic: Make a bad day better in 3 steps

We talked about how you can get out of the “I don’t like this” head space.

For more help, you can click here.

At the end we went off topic about facial oils, which is fine by me! Several viewers wanted to know more, so I said I would post this link with more info.

Sunday, Sept 20th

Topic: How to care for oily skin

Here is the green tea toner that I recommend

Saturday, Sept 19th

Topic: Q & A day!

We did Q&A for over an hour!!!

Some of my recommendations based on your questions:

The makeup brand I like

The product I recommend to help fade dark spots left from acne

If you have a serious skin picking compulsion, check out Annette Pasternak

Friday, Sept 18th

Topic: Does having acne prevent you from going out?

Another great scope today with tips to help you get over the “I don’t want to go anywhere because of my skin” blues. No specific recommendation links today.

Thursday, Sept 17th

Topic: Are products CAUSING your acne?

We discussed how acne fighting products work, and why they may actually cause breakouts. If you’re ready to try something other than just products to heal your acne, I gave out this free resource.

Wednesday, Sept 16th

Topic: Doing THIS will never help your acne

We had a pep talk today. No specific recommendation links today 😉

Tuesday, Sept 15th

Topic: Skin care for acne prone skin

You can download the skin care guide that I recommend by clicking right here.

Monday, Sept 14th

Topic: Q&A!

A lot of good questions today. As promised, here are some recommendations based on my answers:

  • Burak asked about fish oil. (For more info on supplements, scroll down to Friday) Here is the brand I recommend:  OmegaGenics EPADHA *
  • Antonio mentioned shoulder acne. I recommend avoiding fabric softeners if you have body acne. Try these instead: Eco Nuts Plain Wool Dryer Balls *
  • Antonio also asked about shaving. It’s important not to increase skin irritation while shaving. This site does a great job of explaining a better way to shave.

Saturday, Sept 12th

Topic: The GOOD news about having acne

I mentioned my favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, and his book “A Man Without A Country” where I got the quote “None of us has been here long enough to know what’s the good news, and what’s the bad news.” Click here if you’d like to read that book.

Friday, Sept 11th

Topic: 3 Supplements for enhanced skin health

Omega 3 (Suggested dose: at least 250mg of EPA and 250mg of DHA)

Recommended brands

  • OmegaGenics EPADHA * – 1-2 capsule per day
  • Nordic Naturals Algae Omega (vegan) – 3 capsules per day. (Note – I have not personally used this product. This recommendation is based on my research of trying to find a quality vegan Omega 3 supplement. It is recommended by others whom opinions I trust.)

Probiotics (Suggested dose: at least 10 billion CFU)

Recommended brand

Zinc: (15 – 30mg daily – best w/copper)

  • Keep in mind that if you eat meat and do NOT consume a lot of grains and beans, you probably have all the zinc you need. If you are vegan or vegetarian, or do eat a lot of grains and beans, supplements may help.
  • Do NOT use zinc glucinate or citrate. This will be what’s in most supplements. Look for zinc monomethionine or zinc picolinate

Recommended brand

Thursday, Sept 10th

Topic: How to STOP feeling bad about your acne in four steps

Want the cheat sheet for today’s scope? It has the four steps, plus helps you incorporate these steps into your life. Click here for the Simple Self Esteem Solutions Cheat Sheet.

Wednesday, Sept 9th

Topic: Eating healthier WON’T help your acne

Eat healthy, yes. But eventually eating healthier will have diminishing returns. To heal your skin, it’s time to focus on something other than what you’re eating. Want help discovering what that should be? Click here to take the Acne Culprit Quiz.

(Had to take a hiatus from Periscope, I’ll be back though!)

Thursday, June 11th

 Topic: 3 Things you can do today to help heal your acne

I said you should stop using fabric softener and recommended trying wool balls in your dryer. They’re pretty cool. Here’s the brand I recommend to try them out! Eco Nuts Plain Wool Dryer Balls * (Check out their other eco friendly products too!)

Wednesday, June 10th

 Topic: No More Mirror One Week Challenge

I was inspired by this video to go one week without looking at my own reflection. If you want in, join us in the Facebook group!

Tuesday, June 9th

 Topic: Meditation for clearer skin? YES! 5 tips how to do it!

I mentioned a great book called “25 Reasons You Don’t Want To Meditate And How To Get Over Them” by Sonya Joseph. Great quick read to inspire you to meditate.