Are products causing your acne?

Are products causing your acne?

When trying to treat acne, almost every single person turns to products first. Unfortunately, products can sometimes make the problem worse. I know that one of the most helpful things I learned along my acne journey was that I was inadvertently causing some of my acne. I had no idea that in trying to use products to heal my skin, I was actually making it worse! Changing the products I use and how I use them made a noticeable difference in my complexion.

I want to make sure you aren’t making the same mistakes I did. I created this video to help you find out if your skin care products are working for you, or against you. I also offer up some tips to help you make adjustments to your skin care routine if needed.

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Don’t want to watch? Here are the highlights:

There are three main problems you want to be on the look out for when using skin care products. Avoid these things to make sure you aren’t sabotaging your skin care efforts.

1) Don’t use products to prevent acne.

Treating existing acne is one thing, preventing it is another. Relying on products to prevent acne causes two problems.

First, you’re not really getting to the heart of the problem, so you’re going to be dependent on the product, biologically and psychologically – which isn’t helpful in the long run.

Second, acne fighting products are inflammatory, and inflammation is a key trigger to acne. So these products may actually cause more acne.

My tip – use products that are kind and gentle to your skin, that promote healing, and save anything aggressive for spot treatment.

2) Don’t overwhelm your skin.

We have a tendency to think more product is better, and it’s not. Or, we keep switching products trying to find something that works. All that can make your skin vulnerable and confused.

Most of us with acne prone skin also have skin that is sensitive to topical products. Constantly loading up our skin or switching what we are using often does more harm than good.

My tip – Try to keep the number of products you regularly use below three, and stick with something for at least 4 – 6 weeks.

3) Don’t use a product that isn’t a good fit

If you breakout a LOT after trying a new product, you’re probably allergic or sensitive to something in that product and you should stop using it. And no, it’s not your skin “purging”. No product forces out acne that was already on it’s way. Products and acne don’t work that way. If you experience a lot of breakouts with a new product, it’s specifically because of the product.

My tip – stop using anything that causes a drastic change in your skin for the worse. There’s no sense in fighting through it.

Your Skin Therapy Homework:

Review your skin care routine and products. If you find yourself falling into any of these categories, review my suggested tips and adjust where needed.

Not sure if your products are causing problems? Let me know in the comments below, I’ll answer to help you out!

Until next time.

Much love,

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