Is that new acne treatment right for you?

Is that new acne treatment right for you?

Between the internet, your dermatologist, esthetician, herbalist, mom and best friend – there are about one million and one things that get recommended to you for your acne, am I right?

Try this cream, try this pill, try this diet, try this tincture, try this supplement.

I tell my clients, and any one struggling with acne, to always feel free to ask me anything about acne. With all these options floating around, the most often asked questions I get start with, “should I…”

Should I try this acne cream? Should I go to the dermatologist? Should I try Accutane? Should I try this cleanse? Should I, should I, should I?

In case you also find yourself with a “should I” question, I would love to help you begin to answer that question for yourself. And the beauty of what I’m about to share with you is that it can be applied to anything. This works anytime you’re asking yourself the question, “should I…” Should I take the promotion? Should I move across country? Should I ask for a raise? Should I move in with my boyfriend? I’m going to give you something that’s going to help you answer these types of questions for yourself.

See, the thing is, when someone asks me, “should I try such-and-such for my acne?” rarely do I give them a yes or no answer (unless I know for certain it won’t work). That’s because I know your intuition is one million times more valuable than my advice. So, often what I do is help people tap into their own intuition to answer those “should I” questions for themselves. It’s actually much easier than you think. You just have to ask yourself a couple more questions.

First and foremost you should ask yourself, “is it safe and healthy?” If the answer is no or I’m not sure, then you should probably not do or try whatever it is you’re considering. Trust me. Risking your health is not a trade off for better skin. Been there, regretted that.

That aside, the next question you want to ask yourself is, “why am I hesitating?”

This is where your intuition comes in. We want to unearth where the resistance is coming from. If it’s important, and you want to try it, why are you hesitating?

Almost always you’ll find it’s coming from some sort of fear – fear of the side effects, fear of it not working, fear because you’re desperate but don’t know what else to do, fear you’ll waste your time and/or money, fear of disappointment, fear of change, fear of commitment to a process, or fear of any number of things.

I always encourage my clients to make decisions from a place of empowerment, not fear. When you feel empowered, excited, hopeful about making a decision, it’s most likely to be the best decision for you in that moment. But if you feel pressured to make a decision through fear, it most likely won’t turn out so well.

So, the final question you should ask yourself is, what will help me feel empowered to make this choice?

Maybe it is a matter of waiting. Maybe you need to gather more information, ask other people about their experience, or research other alternatives. Being patient often results in either confidently deciding yes or no for yourself, or finding another option that’s better suited for you.

If you’re hesitant because it seems challenging, know that’s normal. Any time we want to change something about our lives, even if it’s a good change, our brains and our bodies like to resist. They prefer things exactly how they are right now.

If overall you’re excited by this option, if you’re hopeful, and/or feel like it will be good for you, then you’re probably only hesitating out of fear of change. Again ask, how can I feel more empowered to make this choice? Perhaps you could ask for help or find another source of support to get past the challenge. Maybe could list all the ways that it will be good for you, and focus on those.

To summarize, if you find yourself asking, “should I try XYZ for my acne?” (or “should I” anything) ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it safe and healthy?
  2. Why am I hesitating? What am I afraid of?
  3. How can I feel more empowered to make this decision?

Keep this in mind as you make choices for you and your skin. Because even though I know a whole lot about acne, no one knows more about you than you!

If this makes sense to you, but you could still use some help getting in touch with your own intuition, don’t hesitate to sign up for a complimentary conversation with me. We’ll get you feeling more empowered in no time!

To your health and empowerment,

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