A change in your skin care routine may be just what you need

A change in your skin care routine may be just what you need

Well here we are, 2016! I hope your holidays and new year brought you a dash of fun.

As promised last week, I want to share with you a recent change I’ve made to my skin care routine which has helped my skin in unexpected ways. But first, let me tell you the reason for the change.

Aside from minor changes that coincide with the change of seasons, I’ve consistently had the same skin care routine for years now (the routine explained here). It’s been great for my skin, which has been doing quite well for some time now. I do still get occasional small breakouts, usually a few pimples about a week before my period. But because I’ve done a lot of emotional work (the work I now help my clients go through), the few pimples I get don’t really bother me.

However something else has been going on with my skin in recent months. It has become incredibly dry. Like crackling-if-I-smile kind of dry. My skin care detective skills weren’t of much use. I was baffled about the dryness. So I thought it may be time to change up my skin care routine. I was overdue for a change anyway. Skin changes over the years, and you should change your skin care accordingly.

A summary of what didn’t work for me was trying a different cleanser, different oils, adding in a hydrating serum, and trying a new toner. None of them seemed to make any difference. What finally worked?

I stopped using cleanser entirely.

I have not officially cleansed my face for months now – and my skin has never been better. Not only has the dryness drastically improved, I got an unexpected bonus – no pre period breakouts in the past few months!

Not cleansing isn’t a huge leap for me. For years I have been telling my clients to stop washing their face twice a day. The common school of thought is you need to cleanse morning and night, but I’ve found that cleansing in the morning is completely unnecessary. Also, that kind of over cleansing often causes we acne prone folk more problems than it helps. So, I’ve only cleansed at night for years.

Now, I’m not cleansing at night either. At least, not with a true cleanser of any kind.

Here is the evening routine I follow now.

I still use jojoba oil to remove sunscreen and makeup, then follow that by using a gentle astringent, which removes any residual jojoba oil. I spray it on my skin to get it slightly damp, then gently wipe it off. (In the past I’ve tried the method that only uses oil, but found it always broke me out. Removing the oil completely is my hybrid method.) I follow up with my facial oil and I’m done.

eve routine

About a week after trying this routine, I noticed the dryness really improving. What I wasn’t expecting was that I had no pre period breakouts. None. In fact, my next period snuck up on me, because I’m so used to at least one or two pimples being the first signs I’ll be starting in a week. Three cycles later, still no pre period breakouts!

I’m constantly reminded that the skin does a very good job of taking care of itself, if you let it. Often we think we’re helping, when really we’re just getting in the way. We try more products, when sometimes we need to use less. I’ll be staying with this new routine until my skin once again shows me it’s time for a change.

How about you? Are you interested in trying this approach? Maybe you’re scared to go without cleansing? My advice is to start slow. Try this “no cleanse” method just one day this week. Next week, try it twice. The following week, try doing this method every other day, and then finally do it every day. This not only allows your skin to adjust to the new routine, but helps you mentally transition as well.

If you try it, let me know how it goes!

Questions? Concerns? Leave a comment below and let me know. I’m happy to help you make the best decision for you!

Until next time!

Much love,

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    Hi Brianne! This is great! I have been oil cleansing with my own blends, only at night. I first remove makeup with plain grape seed oil, then I use my cleanser blend. I really want to try this though. Just removing and using a toner to wipe away excess oil or makeup. I wear makeup daily so this should be rather interesting. I have noticed that my skin likes less “care” and hardly any water. It has been quite clear for some time now, until now. I did eliminate coffee 6 weeks ago and my neck-underjaw breakouts went away within the first week and haven’t been back, though I still struggle with cheek breakouts and occasional between brows. I will try this method out for awhile and see how my skin likes it! It has been dry here, but my skin hasn’t really changed at all as far as hydration goes, just acne spots of course 😉 Thank you for sharing!

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      Brianne Grebil

      Hello Ashlynn!
      Grape seed is indeed another good oil for a precleanse. I sometimes blend it with my jojoba. Good for you for experimenting to see what works for you and your skin. I know for some, giving up that coffee is hard! Let me know how your skin likes the toner cleanse.

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    Hi Brianne, not using a cleanser sounds great! But I find it hard to get rid of the oil/ dirt and makeup on my face after oil cleansing without it. I am concious I might rub too hard with my face towel just to remove it so I use cleanser to be gentler. How do you wipe off the oils and makeup? Xxx

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      Brianne Grebil

      Hi J,
      I use a gentle astringent after using jojoba oil (link above). I gently wipe the jojoba oil off with a soft cloth, then lightly mist my skin with the astringent, and do another gentle wipe. We tend to think our skin is only clean if it’s “squeaky clean”, but that’s not at all the case. We want to try to leave as much of our skin’s natural oil on our skin as possible to keep the surface layer healthy. I hope that helps you.

      I also find that it’s best to work on skin troubles from the outside and the inside. I would be happy to support you with this. Would you find it valuable to have a more in depth conversation? It would be my gift to you. Let me know if that is something you would like to do.

      Sending you much love!

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