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OLD Stress And Acne

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Based on your answers, STRESS is your biggest acne culprit

Stress can cause hormonal fluctuations in the body and weaken the immune system, which can exacerbate acne. To get to the heart of your acne problem, I highly recommend stress reduction be your main focus.

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When it comes to healing acne, if the standard products and medications aren’t working for you, it’s time to dig deeper.

The heart of acne, the root cause, is often linked to systemic inflammation and hormonal issues. To heal acne, we need to get to the bottom of what is causing these problems for you.

If you often feel anxious, worried, overwhelmed, or under pressure, then stress is likely your biggest acne culprit.

In times of stress, the body undergoes a chain reaction of hormonal fluctuations. Cortisol increases blood sugar, which increases insulin, which leads to free androgens in the system. Androgens stimulate skin cell growth and oil production, and are the main hormonal contributor to acne.

Stress also uses up your body’s antioxidants. Think of antioxidants like firefighters. They help prevent inflammation from getting out of control. If stress is using up your firefighters, you’ll have fewer available to help with your skin.

So to sum that up – stress indirectly triggers your skin to produce more oil and shed skin cells faster which leads to more clogged pores, and it also weakens your skin’s ability to heal itself. That’s why it’s so important to address the stress in your life if you want to heal your acne.

Do not underestimate how beneficial stress management can be for your skin.


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