What to do about the big ol’ pimple

What to do about the big ol’ pimple

When you have one of those big, deep, red, painful bumps – what can you do? Well there is definitely one thing you should NOT do. But there is also a very simple way to help send that bad guy on its way.

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Don’t want to watch? Here are the highlights:

Definitely to NOT do this!

You want to avoid picking at all pimples, but especially do not touch these guys! I promise, you are not going to get it to pop. It’s too deep and squeezing and picking around it will only further agitate it. You’re only going to make matters worse, so hands off!

Products are probably not going to help

Those big ones are way down deep. That means products are not going to reach them. Products cannot penetrate deep enough to get to the problem area.

What CAN you do?

The main problem from those big pimples is that there is so much inflammation in the area. There is a quick and simple way to help reduce inflammation.

  1. Damped a wash cloth
  2. Place an ice cube in it
  3. Hold the cloth with the cube directly on the area for 5 – 10 minutes
  4. Repeat 3 or 4 times a day until it begins to heal

Keep in mind, this is not a miracle cure. You can’t do this at night and expect it to be gone in the morning. Repeatedly doing this can speed it along its way however. So what may have taken 5 – 7 days to get smaller, may now take 3 – 4.

This also isn’t meant for a lot of pimples. This is for those one or two big spots. If you have a couple that are close to each other, you can get a bowl of ice water, dip the cloth into the water, and apply it to the area. Keep dipping the cloth in the ice water as it warms to your skin.

If you have a lot of these active spots, you’ll need to work on helping your skin heal. To find out where you can start, click here to take the Acne Culprit Quiz.

What do you think? Was that helpful? Are you going to give it a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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    I also have a method when they are still a bump – I apply alcohol desinfectant with cotton bud especially pushing where it feels sore. It doesn’t cure the pimple but it does help to evolve quickly into a clean white-head that is easy to manage instead of huge red inflamated monster…
    Cheers!! AJ

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