You deserve your acne

You deserve your acne

The past few weeks, as I’ve spoken to some wonderful people about their skin, a theme has been arising. It’s not an uncommon one, or an unfamiliar one. I’ve noticed that somewhere along the way, we acne prone folk picked up the idea that our acne is our fault, and that we deserve it.

Maybe you can relate to a young woman I spoke to a few days ago.  She believed her acne was karma. She said that for about a year she had put off taking care of herself. She started to eat less nutritiously, hang out with friends until late at night, not care about sleep, and push herself at work. When her acne started getting bad, she figured it was because she let her lifestyle slip, too many late nights and drinks took their toll and now her skin was her punishment. Even though she had made healthy changes, her skin was still bothering her and she figured she deserved it.

Does this sound like you? Do you beat yourself up because you have acne? Do you think it’s your fault? Have you ever said any of these things to yourself:

“I must not be eating right.”
“I must have used the wrong products and ruined my skin.”
“It’s because I can’t control my stress.”
“It’s stupid that I can’t figure out how to fix this.”

Every one of these phrases and hundreds more like them are nothing more than self-punishment. Underneath all the layers, a part of you thinks you did or are doing something bad, and acne is the proof.

The problem that comes from this misunderstanding is that you’re making the process of healing your acne about so much more than your skin. If you think your acne is your fault, then you’re trying to heal it to prove to yourself that you’re ok. You inadvertently tie your entire self worth to the condition of your skin. From this place, if you try something for your skin and it doesn’t work, you get crushed, because you think that must mean you’re still not good enough.

Your poor sweet soul doesn’t stand a chance in that place, let alone your skin. So I want you to know sweet one, your skin has nothing to do with who you are. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I want to be perfectly clear, being kind to your skin and yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally is not just important, it’s essential. Your skin’s reaction is nothing more than a process. It’s not personal. It’s not punishing you, so please stop taking it that way.

I promise you, there is so much good you can do for your skin and your soul – but you first have to forgive yourself for buying into the misunderstanding that your acne is your fault. Once you do that, once you let go of the idea that having better skin means you’re a better person, so many new and helpful opportunities open up for you.

Not just for your skin, but for your life. You find a spark that hasn’t had a chance to shine. You have the opportunity to glow from the inside, and that does wonders for your skin. Not just in theory, physiologically the body changes. Hormones change. Deeper healing takes place.

If this is something your heart is yearning for, let me know. I often open my calendar for complimentary conversations as a gift to help people just like you find the inner glow that they think they’ve lost. I would be honored to help you too.

Just click here to send me a message. From there we can start up a conversation about your skin and your life and see how we can get you back to the life you think you’ve been missing.

I’m sending you so much love,

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