Your acne is not your fault

Your acne is not your fault

How hard are you trying to heal your acne? I would guess pretty hard. And yet, if things aren’t working out, do you feel like you aren’t working hard enough? Like you’re doing something wrong? Maybe you feel like you’re being punished for something?

I often felt that way, and in speaking to my clients, I know it’s common. That’s why I created this video. I want to help you understand why acne is not your fault. It’s time to put the blame game to rest!

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Don’t want to watch? Here are the highlights:

While there are things that you do or don’t do that help or hinder your efforts to clear your skin, the fact that you have acne is not your fault – no more than it’s your “fault” that you have green eyes, or brown hair.

Because just like the color of your eyes is due to genetics, so is the type of skin you have and how it functions. Certain aspects of our skin are dictated by our DNA, so our skin functions differently than those who don’t get acne.

For example, here are a few key differences between typical acneic skin and non-acneic skin.

  • Our skin produces more oil (more oil to gum up the works)
  • Our oil is molecularly different (more prone to becoming inflamed)
  • Our skin cells shed faster (more likely to clog pores)
  • Our skin is more sensitive to the hormones that lead to acne and the bacteria that thrive in clogged pores

I want to stress this point again. These things are not your fault. It’s not your fault if your short, or if you’re tall, or if you get acne. So let the guilt go.

You and I have been dealt the acne card. Our DNA makes us more prone to breakouts.

But that’s ok. The good news is that genetics only means you’re prone to getting acne. It doesn’t mean you’re doomed to always have it. Once you understand your skin, you can make adjustments so that those genetic factors don’t cause as much of a problem. And that’s where your homework comes in…

Your Skin Therapy Homework:

First, honestly ask yourself this question, “do I blame myself because I have acne?”

Do you think it’s your fault, do you think you’re doing something wrong, do you think you’re not trying hard enough? If any of that sounds like some mental dialogue going on, repeat after me “It’s not my fault”. Tell that to yourself as many times as you need to make it sink in.

Second, start to really understand what’s going on with your acne and find out what you can do to heal your skin. For that, read this series.

Most importantly, forgive yourself. I know it’s no fun dealing with acne, but it’s ok that you have it. You’ve done nothing wrong.

Much love,

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