I am a life coach. And I’m not for everyone.

Often, when people hire a coach, teacher, or mentor, they are looking for someone to help them solve their problems, amplify their results, tap into their potential, feel better about themselves or some aspect of their life.

I don’t do that. Not directly anyway. 

I’m far more interested in helping people see all of life in such a profoundly different way, that the anxious yearning for a better life fades and an entirely different world of potential shows up in its place.

Not everyone is looking for that.

I am for those who have a deep desire, curiosity and appetite to know who they truly are, and what life is actually made of. I’m for those who have been searching life’s questions, but have yet to find satisfying answers. Those who want to know themselves in the deepest, clearest way.

If that’s you, I just might be your coach.

Photography courtesy of Jerome Pollos