You ever think these things…?

  • Life feels really f’ing hard. It’s not fair, it’s not nice, and it sure as hell isn’t right. Most of the time I feel like flipping a table over because this life (business / relationship / world / insert your frustration here) sh*t just ain’t working!

  • I don’t want to do this any more. I’m tired. I’ve tried everything, nothing helps. I’m waving the white flag, and retreating to a life 8 shades duller than the one I wanted, because it’s easier than being constantly disappointed.

  • I can do it. I will do it. I will make this thing work. I’ll put in the long hours. I’ll stretch myself paper thin to get where I need to be, because once I’m there, it’ll all be worth it, and then I can take a break. (Never mind you’ve been telling yourself that for years …)

  • I’m done. I’m too lost, confused, frustrated, desperate, lonely, antsy, impatient, stressed, strained, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious... to figure it out or do anything about it.


Have you ever seen beyond these thoughts?

mind lightbulb.png

Can you imagine what your life would be like if those thoughts were irrelevant?

  • What could you create if you didn’t drown in doubt, or crumble from burn out?

  • How much would you excel at your career or business if you weren’t frustrated by anyone or anything?

  • What kind of leader, parent, partner, person would you be if brought the best of yourself more often and knew how to bring it out of others?

  • What would you do in the world if you weren’t paralyzed by fear?

  • How much deeper would your relationships be if you were fully and truly present with the person in front of you, instead of lost in your own thoughts and struggles?

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Transformative coaching focuses on the power of what exists beyond all the thoughts we have about ourselves and life. It explores the profound potential that always exists within the mind, regardless of any situation or circumstance. The promise of this work, my promise, is that a deep sense of peace, calm, clarity, vitality and creativity is available to you at all times.

How is that possible? Easy - it’s how you were designed to work. It’s how we were all designed to work. But we rarely operate how we were designed. We accidentally start using our own minds against ourselves and get trapped in thoughts like the ones I mention up above. Seeing beyond the thoughts, and “resetting” to your natural self will transform your world, and everything in it, from the inside out.

Hi, I’m Brianne. And I am in the transformation business!