Problems only ever exist at the edge of our own ability to see something new about ourselves and life.

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All solutions reside in understanding what that edge actually is, and what moves us past it into new thoughts and ideas. That understanding is my specialty.

When people realize their human capacity for new thought is infinite, thus the ability to dissolve problems is also infinite – it utterly transforms their world.

This capacity is built into every human. This is your natural, and innate ability. You just accidentally got trained away from it as you moved through life. My job is to remind you what you are truly made of, so you can live life (run a business, have a relationship, connect with people, create things…) beyond what you thought was possible.


Who I work with

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What working with me could look like


While the way I work with clients takes many forms, below are some examples of the ways you can experience transformative coaching. This is to give you an idea of how I can support you and what working with me might look like. We work together from my home in Glendale, CA - or anywhere in the world via video conference.

Don't feel like you fit into any of the below categories, or want something different? Let's talk about it. Contact me to discuss more options.


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A NEW FOUNDATION: 3-4 day grounding intensive

Do you feel off balance, or that things just aren’t going quite right? Do you feel like something in life is just pushing you around? Would you like to be more engaged with life, with less stress, worry or overwhelm?

Beyond what you see now, a deeper understanding of the mind can give you a stronger foundation and lead to profound life changes. 

This program is a one to one, three or four day, life changing intensive 'jump start', with an additional follow up session.
(This program can be tailored for businesses, teams or groups)

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Leveling up: 8 WEEK DEEP DIVE

Unsure of life, yourself, or where you're going? Feeling disconnected, exhausted, or unsatisfied? Does it feel like something is missing in your world, or like you're spinning wheels and going nowhere?

My most popular program, Leveling Up is for those who’ve tried everything to get more out of life, with disappointing results.

This program builds on A New Foundation (above), and includes 6 follow up sessions scheduled 7 - 10 days apart. Additional materials may be given to help deepen the work.



Do you want to be a stronger leader, a force for change, or achieve something amazing - without wearing yourself out? Then let's get you grounded in understanding the birth place of change, creativity and your innate well being.

This program builds on A New Foundation (top), with a continued focus on practical implications and applications of creating in the world. It includes a three day, life changing one on one intensive 'jump start', followed by regularly scheduled sessions for a 3 to 6 month period. Additional materials may be given to help deepen the work.
(This program can be tailored for businesses, teams or groups)



Are you missing the spark and enjoyment of being alive? Have you forgotten it's possible to genuinely love your life?

This transformative program is for those who feel like they suffer from grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation or focus.

This program builds on A New Foundation (top), with a continued focus on connection and the art of aliveness. It includes a three day, life changing one on one intensive 'jump start', followed by regularly scheduled sessions for a 3 to 6 month period. Additional materials may be given to help deepen the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is transformative coaching?

Transformative coaching helps you understand the power you have within yourself, at all times. It is an exploration into how you work, how you innocently and accidentally “work against yourself”, and how anything in life can transform through a deeper understanding of these things.

Who is your coaching for?

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Anyone who feels like there must be more to life than what they’ve seen and experienced so far.

Anyone who has a desire to “level up”, but doesn’t know how to do that, or is burnt out from trying so hard.

Anyone who doubts and questions their life (or business, or relationship, or insert anything here)

Anyone who wants to understand how to do more with less.

Anyone who already has a wonderful life, and is curious about how much more amazing it could be.

What results will this coaching deliver?

This question has a two part answer.

In many ways, I can’t actually answer it. What would be possible in your life, your business, your relationships, your world, if you saw beyond the limits of what you currently see? Neither I nor the client knows that ahead of time. It’s discovered along the way.

What I can say will happen is that you get what you wanted, at a way deeper level than you probably imagined possible. You will begin to fundamentally see yourself and everything in your world in a very different way, which will lead to surprising, beautiful, amazing, creative things.

 What this work has lead to for a few of my clients:

-       A daughter dealing with a decades long tumultuous relationship with her father recognized the real underlying issue, and all problems with their past resolved and dissolved in an instant.

-       A woman desperately struggling to get her business going, tapped into deeper creativity, and booked herself solid with work for the next two months.

-       A son weighed down with grief over the death of his mother, saw “beyond death” and found peace with the loss.

-       A young lady coping with crippling anxiety by rarely leaving her home or talking to people, realized there was nothing wrong with her, and decided to start her own business.

-       A non profit team bogged down by doing so much in an attempt to serve, saw that if they came from a different place within themselves, they could help twice as many people, with a fraction of the effort.

I don’t lay claim to these results, they are the by-product of my clients seeing what I point to in our sessions. While “your results may very”, these types of transformations are the norm, not the cherry picked exceptions.


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What is your background?

I am a Certified Advanced Transformative Coach. I spent two years working with Michael Neill and his amazing staff in Supercoach Academy.

The backbone of the work I do is based on the revelations of Syd Banks. My field of study and exploration is often referred to as The Three Principles, The Principles, Principle of Mind, or Health Realization. If you’ve heard of it, great! If you haven’t, it doesn’t matter.


What does working with you cost?

That depends entirely on how we work together.

The lowest fees are often less than $100 to few hundred dollars for my workshops, online programs, or group fees.

Private one to one coaching can range from $500 to $3,000.

Working with businesses, groups or organizations can range from $1,500 to $8,000

I cannot quote you a price however, until we’ve had at least one in depth conversation, so I can create something specific for you or your team.

Are you ready to change from the inside out?

If you're ready to rediscover your innate resilience and creativity - if you want to lead life with more ease and joy, let's talk. There are a number of ways we can work together (see here for examples) - but I like to start with a simple, free conversation. These conversations are so good, I often find people transform just from our first talk!

I'd love to have that kind of connection with you. So reach out to me with the form below. I will be in touch with you to schedule our complimentary conversation. (Those in the LA area will meet at my home in Glendale. Others will meet with me via web conference.) For those who want to go deeper, we will talk about working together at the end of our conversation.

Much love,

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