What I do


I am a coach, teacher, pointer, mentor, trainer, educator, counselor… whatever you want to call it, my role is to show you the true ability of your mind and the power of your humanity. This wakes you up to a new kind of hope, potential, clarity, beauty and simplicity… all of which exponentially increases your interaction with life and all of the things inside it.

This results in deeper engagement (with whatever you want to engage in), more loving relationships, improved productivity with decreased stress, enhanced creativity, and a beautiful sense of being alive.

I am here to tap you into the most innovative, gifted, resilient version of yourself that lays “patiently waiting for your senses to grow sharper” (to quote WB Yeats).

How I do that

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By reminding you how you work.

Most people have little to no understanding of how human experience works. Practically all of us have a fundamental misunderstanding of the principle elements that make us tick.  

This misunderstanding often makes our lives much harder and more complicated than they need to be. We unintentionally cause problems where there aren’t any, and look for solutions where they don’t exist. Clearing up the misunderstanding provides clarity and well being beyond measure.


Human problems always come from within the human mind, individually and collectively, but when we go looking for solutions, we usually look to the outside world, into what’s already been created. We rarely go back into the mind.


The mind has become my specialty and the field I study and explore. Not psychology, neurology, or biology, but the invisible components that fuel and inform those things. Understanding how your mind works at a fundamental level, tends to bring with it deeper clarity, profound peace and freedom, increased resilience, enhanced creativity, improved productivity, stronger relationships, boosted leadership abilities, and a beautiful love of life.

Through powerful conversations and an exploration of how your mind works, I show my clients that the birthplace of solutions, resilience, creativity, compassion, empathy, beauty, productivity, connection (I could go on..), is actually always, and only, inside of you. At all times. No exceptions.

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“Brianne's coaching makes a huge difference to people in all walks of life."

"Having witnessed Brianne's coaching and the impact she has on her clients, I'd recommend Brianne to anyone wanting a more peaceful, richer, simpler and more wonderful life. With a deep understanding of how human beings live, feel and perform at their best, coupled with a huge heart, Brianne's coaching makes an immense difference to people in all walks of life."

- Wyn Morgan, Wynning Coaching & Training

“I can’t stress just how important I think this work is and how powerful it was working with Brianne.”

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“I had the opportunity to work with Brianne over the course of several months and the results have been truly life changing. Brianne understands the balance of when to sit back patiently and give you the space to make your own new discoveries and when to step in and offer just the right amount of guidance. My biggest take away was that all thoughts are transient and if you are patient you will notice that they will always pass through and allow you to return back to your true nature. Together we were able to figure out tools to help expedite that learning. Expect to go deep with Brianne and the more honest you are with yourself the bigger the breakthroughs will be. I can’t stress just how important I think this work is and how powerful it was working with Brianne.” 

- Ryan C., actor

“Getting an opportunity to work with Brianne has changed so much in my life”

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"When I was first introduced to Brianne, I was in a state of confusion. In every aspect. My happiness and moral was low, my self-esteem non existent. Getting an opportunity to work with Brianne has changed so much in my life, from the way I think, to my relationships with my husband, children and others, to my happiness and mindset on each and everyday. So many positives!! How I approach each day is so different from where I was 3 short months ago. I have the tools now that I need to conquer anything that is presented in my life, and for that, I'm forever grateful."

- Sherra R., amazing wife and mother